Universal threat management

Manage website access and monitor threats in real-time.

Perocl8 Firewall

Percol8 Unified Threat Management

Effectively Manage and Report Web Browsing

Are you tired of wondering where all your bandwidth is going and who is abusing the Internet access in the office? Web browsing is essential to online business communication and research. However, the abuse and misuse of this service by employees often goes unnoticed. The end result is a waste of time, productivity and bandwidth. Browsing of non-work related websites seriously impacts business profitability. Furthermore, unrestricted access opens your network to external attacks, with employees unknowingly browsing virus-infected and other malicious websites. Resolving the problem is simple.


Percol8 Web Filter

Percol8 Advanced Usage Reporting

Percol8 Intrusion Prevention

Percol8 Traffic Reporting

Complete range of web browsing management tools

Percol8 Web Filter has multi-profile support, complete website coverage (over 500 million listed websites), time-based web browsing capabilities, extensive content control features, advanced usage reporting, end-user authentication methods and anti-virus protection. By enabling the Percol8 Web Filter, you can effectively manage your employees’ web browsing activities, secure your network and ultimately increase productivity. In addition, Percol8UTM ships with a proxy server for caching and download control, thereby providing further bandwidth savings.

Extend on network security

Easily extend on the essential network security features offered by Percol8FW by enabling productive control of network resources with Percol8UTM.

  • Effectively manage and report on office web browsing
  • Monitor, isolate and resolve network threats in real-time

Monitor, isolate and resolve threats in realtime

Percol8UTM enhances network threat detection and isolation with a built-in Intrusion Prevention System, which monitors traffic for malicious activity. With Percol8UTM being inline of your network traffic, the Intrusion Prevention System can quickly identify and swiftly deal with any potential threats without you having to intervene.

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