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Essential Firewall, ensuring service delivery

A good firewall ensures controlled and secure access to your network and business applications. Percol8FW easily fulfills this fundamental requirement while adding additional power features. These features empower the productive use of your network


Percol8 Firewall

Percol8 Traffic Shaper

Percol8 VPN

Percol8 Traffic Reporting

Secure Your Network

By default, Percol8 is shipped with a powerful firewall to ensure your network is secured immediately. With the Percol8 Web Admin interface, you can easily lock down access to and from your network per link, or alternatively implement floating rules to block or allow access across multiple links. Take advantage of live traffic reporting, state table views or firewall logs to easily manage your network security and isolate potential abuse.

Steer Your Network Traffic

Identify and steer your network traffic according to your budget requirements. Cost-effective link connectivity for your end users browsing is now possible while routing all critical applications over dedicated and more costly links. Traffic Steering is easily achieved by utilizing the firewall to identify and push traffic across a gateway of your choosing. Utilize Percol8FW to securely route traffic between offices or alternate internal or external networks.

Prioritize Your Network Traffic

Percol8 Traffic Shaper is a powerful bandwidth management feature capable of ensuring critical applications receive a bandwidth priority. Simply enable Percol8 Traffic Shaper, configure traffic priorities according to your requirements and let Percol8 guarantee bandwidth for your critical applications traffic 24/7.

Manage Bandwidth Usage

With Percol8 Traffic Shaper, you can simply add maximum bandwidth limits for traffic types, traffic sources or traffic destinations. Fighting potential bandwidth abuse and enforcing optimal link usage is now feasible and simple.

Optimize Link Quality

Track and view the health of external link connectivity via built-in monitoring to identify and resolve issues effectively. Connect external links (Static, PPP and PPOE) , bridge an ADSL router or WiFi modem and Percol8 will handle the authentication to establish the external connection to route traffic in and out of your network.

Ensure Traffic Throughput & Network Resilience

Ensure constant connectivity with automated link load balancing for two or more links with pre-emptive settings of thresholds for packet loss or latency. Automatically shift traffic to a more stable link with support for varying link sizes and types to increase external connectivity throughput by load balancing your traffic across multiple links.

Enable Anywhere-Connectivity

A secure and reliable solution for linking your offices to one another virtually and/or mobile personnel to the office network and applications, empowering your mobile workforce and satellite offices. Support for all major Dynamic DNS providers with an easy-to-setup interface.

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