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Percol8 Firewall


A good firewall ensures controlled and secure access to your network and business applications. Percol8FW easily fulfills this fundamental requirement while adding additional power features. These features empower the productive use of your network.


  • Essential network security
  • Traffic steering for optimal usage of external network links
  • Secure prioritization of network traffic
  • Secure virtual business application access
  • Network resource usage monitoring
  • Link redundancy for increased network uptime
  • Traffic shaping


  • Percol8 Firewall
  • Percol8 Traffic Shaper
  • Percol8 Traffic Reporting
  • Percol8 VPN

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Percol8 UTM

Unified Threat Management

Are you tired of wondering where all your bandwidth is going and who is abusing the Internet access in the office? Web browsing is essential to online business communication and research. However, the abuse and misuse of this service by employees often goes unnoticed.


  • Web filter with over 500 million websites categorized for complete coverage
  • Traffic steering for optimal usage of external network links
  • Extensive web usage reporting
  • User-based web filter access controls
  • Active directory with support for single sign-on
  • Bandwidth economy with website caching engine & download control
  • Anti-virus and phishing protection for websites
  • Network traffic monitor for potential security threats & resolution


  • Percol8 Web Filter
  • Percol8 Advanced Usage Reporting
  • Percol8 Intrusion Prevention
  • Percol8 Traffic Reporting

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Percol8 Mail


Report on overall email usage and track email delivery. Mail-enable your business without the need for onsite email servers. Access affordable mailbox hosting with built-in protection against virus-infected email and spam.


  • Advanced e-mail security & routing
  • Email content control
  • POP/ IMAP mail server
  • Mail delivery tracking & reporting
  • Intuitive web mail interface
  • Out of office notifications
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Mail disclaimer support
  • Secure email hub for onward
  • Forwarding of email
  • Email usage reporting


  • Percol8 Mail Server
  • Percol8 Routing
  • Percol8 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Engines
  • Percol8 Usage Reporting

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Percol8 DNS


Percol8DNS gives you the ability to prevent access to inappropriate websites through advanced DNS filtering while offering a default protection against phishing and malware sites. Percol8DNS works by filtering DNS queries from your network based on your filter protection settings. It thereby blocks access to the network addresses of websites you have restricted.


  • Easy Rollout: Client side software not required
  • No capital outlay: Additional hardware not required
  • Simple integration: Compatibility with existing networks
  • Speedy dispatch: Consumer browsing experience maintained
  • Minimal bandwidth requirements
  • Complete self-management by end user
  • Complete coverage (ADSL, APN, WIFI, Leased Lines and Fiber)


  • Percol8 DNS Filter
  • Percol8 Advanced Usage Reporting
  • Percol8 Customer Portal
  • Percol8 Custom Profile Configuration

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