Maximize client productivity

We don’t sell products, we develop them.


An Original Equipment Manufacturer

“Looking after network resources has just become simpler.”

The world has become very impersonal with mass technology platforms, but we still need personal solutions. Launched in 2010, The Packet Hub is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and managed network security provider. We don’t sell products; we develop them.

For our clients, this means effective network security solutions and exceptional real-time support. Our vision is simple: Maximize client productivity. We do this by securing network connectivity and accelerating service delivery.

What makes us the Right Solution?

“We don’t just sell firewalls, we deliver solutions”

There are many network security products globally. To offer competitive value, we address the most critical gaps in the market: Support, Customization and Local Knowledge.

Superior Support

Sizeable experience in network and security solutions means that what we offer works and it continues working. Ask yourself, “how long does it take to resolve simple network connectivity issues with my existing security solution and how much does this cost my business?” As a local OEM, we respond quickly, dig deeply into the underlying technology and expertly resolve connectivity issues.

Customized Solutions

We develop our own products. This means that we can change and extend our product offering quickly to meet specific client needs and broader market trends. As an example, we provide custom builds to ISPs and IT companies for satellite connectivity, traffic usage billing, capping, WIFI hotspots etc.

Local Knowledge

As local developers, we understand the South African market. Our projects with different ISP and IT service companies help us identify gaps and create innovative solutions. Extensive knowledge of local networks and challenges help us to support partnering providers and tap into new market opportunities.

The Percol8 Suite of Technologies

Technology platforms and user networks are expanding daily. Today, connectivity to the outside world is crucial to business success. Small retail outlets and Wall Street analysts trade via the same networks, technologies and cloud based application solutions. As a result, growing security, bandwidth and connectivity issues have a dramatic effect on business continuity. Secure, managed network access is essential to business productivity: Hence Percol8. Launched as a network security solution by The Packet Hub in 2013, Percol8 addresses current and future business needs within the online environment. Designed as a fully integrated and comprehensive solution, Percol8 focuses on the two most important network needs today: Productivity and Service delivery.

The Percol8 Offering

Percol8 means, “to filter.” Backed by a range of solution partners, Percol8 is integrated into leading subscription services worldwide and it is delivered on a range of well-equipped network appliances. Percol8FW, Percol8UTM and Percol8Mail form the Percol8 platform, all servicing a unique set of requirements. Simply extend your Percol8FW solution on the same appliance by enabling Percol8UTM and Percol8Mail.

Management Simplified

“Looking after network resources has just become simpler.”

An intuitive Web Admin interface is available for key feature configuration and a CLI option for technically astute specialists requiring more access. The Web Admin Console is easily accessible from a favorite web browser and configuration is simple via a logical configuration wizard. A logically structured UI is broken down into specific configuration categories. Support is provided via links from any configuration page to the online Percol8 Assist site. A forum is built-in with real world examples showing how best to configure and manage solutions.

Each Percol8 solution is designed to cater for growth. Shipped on well equipped network appliances with local certification, hardware components are guaranteed through simplified end-user licensing model capable of supporting business growth over a sustainable time period.

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